XAMPP VM extra Mount

In my previous post i created virtual folders outside the /opt/lampp structure. One downside is that I can only reach this over FTP now, since mounting doesn’t work. This is not handy for development.

But it turns out it is quite easy to add extra mount points.

First, shutdown XAMPP on your mac. Open the file $home/.bitname/stackman/machines/xampp/metadata.json.

Copy the “root” volume (including braces), and change accordingly for the ‘my-lampp’ folder we created earlier. Like this:

Do the same thing in /Applications/

Now in the client, (ssh open terminal) change etc/exports, so vi /etc/exports and copy /opt/lampp line to new line and change /opt/my-lampp.

Now if you open XAMPP and start the machine you’ll see the extra mount point and you should be able to open it.

Using XAMPP ssh terminal, you probably need to give more permissions to /opt/my-lampp in order to create files from your host. chmod -R a+w /opt/my-lampp for example.

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