Quark modify resources

In Quark Xpress or Copydesk (I am using 2015) it is not possible to modify any keyboard shortcuts from a configuration. And sometimes that is really anoying.

Luckily it is possible to modify the resources in the .exe or, if you have a language specific configuration, one of the Language___.dll’s.

The program I use is Resource Hacker:

When you start that, it is possible to open the QuarkXpress.exe (or Copydesk, or the Language___.dll’s)

First lookup the menu item you want to apply the keyboard shortcut to (look in the first node from the ‘MENU’ folder on the left). Especially the number that comes after the name of the menu item. Eg. 810 is the number for Guidelines.

Then look for ‘Accelerators’ on the left. In case of copydesk i needed to open node 500.
Look for VK_F7 and apply one of the options for 810, if it is not there add it and copy the commands from another key.

Make sure you don’t create conflicts!

Then compile and save.

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