Some thoughts

Functional programming is awesome. Handle your collections like if they are rows in a table. Less bugs.

Stay close to the basics. Don’t overuse frameworks. Know your frameworks.

Always include unit tests and logging from the very beginning.

About this site

Few years ago I did some basic Java programming. I really love the language. But I also found myself struggling when it comes to enterprise programming (Java EE). Too big. Lot’s of plumbing. Every topic was a study on it’s own. Hard to maintain by a small team.

A lot has changed since then. It looks to me that things are changing for the better in the Java Enterprise world. Enterprise programming is now more down to earth. I still don’t feel attracted by every Java EE feature/container, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that more and more things are making sense.

Since it is such a long time ago, I need to rediscover the basics. Start almost from scratch. Choose the right IDE and copy-paste basic code. Then discover more and more.

This site will be my journal.